Welcome to CAS-Events.eu!

There are a lot of cowboy action matches in Europe! But sometimes you just dont know about it, because your not searching through every club homepage and every forum in Europe! Especially sometimes just because of language barriers.

This website was created from cowboy action shooters to offer a platform for all european cowboy action shooters as a schedule, where everyone holding a cas or wild bunch match can post their events and the participants can schedule their shooting year.

No matter if it is a club match or a big match like the European Championship. This is not a forum, you dont have to search through a lot of text! Only match/ event information!

So if you know all the information about a match and you want to spread the word, dont hesitate to register and fill out the information sheet. It will instantly appear on the schedule of this website and all shooters will be able to see the match and plan their events.

We cant garantee for the completeness of this site, since it is crowdbased. The more cowboys sign in their events, the better its gonna be 😉 Have fun and see you at the next cas event!